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Ethical Fashion

How are we thinking about our planet?

Over 300 million shoes from the US alone end up in landfills each year and we are committed to making shoes that last, both in style and quality. We use as many recycled materials as possible, including PET (recycled plastic bottles), partially recycled soling rubbers, foam footbeds, nylon heels and quilts made from material excess in a Pakistani co-operative.

We minimise the amount of glue by using stitched constructions. Where we have to use glue, our factories try to use water-based adhesives. When that’s not possible, we always choose the most eco-friendly option and put time into researching alternatives. Vegetable tanned leather reduces the amount of toxins and heavy metals needed in a normal tanning process. Our leather is prepared using vegetable extracts to create rich and beautiful colours.

We source components local to the factories where our shoes are made in order to minimise transportation and reduce our carbon footprint.

By making our shoes as lightweight as possible we increase their eco-matrix rating. An essential component of eco-design is weight – light shoes use less carbon to ship around the world.