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Most Common Questions about VIVOBAREFOOT

Why should I even go barefoot, what advantages will it give my body, what should I watch out for while running barefoot and what's so special about barefoot shoes?

We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoe close-up
VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoe is laced

Information about the subject barefoot shoes

    Most traditional shoes are too narrow, too stiff and equipped with a sole that´s too thick, those often include additional cushioning. To work freely and naturally, your foot needs space and the freedom of movement. This is exactly what VIVOBAREFOOT shoes offer: they are distinguished by a wide, foot-shaped cut, especially the toe box is designed generously. On top of that it has a light and flexible upper material and a thin, extremely flexible sole. In order to protect your feet, all our barefoot soles are covered with a puncture-resistant layer.

    The wide shape, especially the wide toe box, allows your feet and toes to move as freely as possible. This gives you the feeling of walking barefoot, whilst wearing VIVOBAREFOOT.

    Usually our shoes are true to size, so we recommend you choose the size you normally wear. Make sure you have about a centimetre space around the toe area (between toe and shoe). If a model is bigger or smaller, it is indicated in the item description.

    The difference is in the width, our women models are slightly more narrow than the men models. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a man’s model for you as a woman, and vice versa.

    The word "barefoot" refers to the broad shape of the shoe and its light and flexible material, which gives you the feeling of walking barefoot as much as possible. Whether you wear the shoe with or without socks is a matter of individual taste.

    Even at cool temperature, you don’t have to give up the barefoot feeling. Our winter shoes have a warm lining and are equipped with a thermo insole. Another advantage is that your feet can move freely in barefoot shoes, so you activate your muscles and your feet will get a better blood flow. That automatically gives you warmth.

    Yes it does, with barefoot shoes your feet can move naturally, which can have a positive effect on your entire body. For more information, please check here.

Production and materials

    Most of our models are manufactured in Vietnam. Our Soul of Africa collection comes from Ethiopia and the Handcut models are produced in Portugal. More detailed information can be found on the individual shoe description.

    The manufacturer VIVOBAREFOOT is based in London and has its own factories in Vietnam that is in close contact with the English team. They are monitored closely to ensure high standards and good working conditions. Frequently announced and unannounced inspections are often carried out.

    We work with Pittard’s, a traditional British tannery. The leather in particular come from animals that have lived freely in African steppes. In order to maintain the natural state of the leather, it is treated as little as possible. More information about Pittards can be found here:

    Frequent care ensures that your leather shoes remain water-repellent and last longer. Remove coarse dirt with a brush, use a damp cloth for the rest. Shoe wax gives the leather moisture and keeps it supple. Simply rub and polish it with a dry cloth. With the impregnating spray you can protect your shoes from water and dirt. Find more detailed instructions here.

    Never put your shoes in the washing machine, this can destroy the bonding. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove minor soiling. In the case of more aggressive dirt, take out the insole and put your shoes in warm soapy water for 30 minutes. After that, rinse it with cold water to remove soap remains. With the impregnating spray you make your shoes more resistant to dirt and stains. Detailed instructions can be found here.

    To remove dust and light dirt, you should regularly clean your shoes with a soft brush, which you can also wet a little. To remove coarser dirt, you use a suitable cleaner, such as Collonil Bamboo Lotion. Treat your shoes with impregnating spray to make them more resistant to dirt and moisture.

Order information

    Choose your desired shoe and place it, with the correct size, in the basket. If you have a discount voucher, you can enter it by clicking on the shopping cart. Of course, you can also order as a guest.

    We are the sales partner for the German market and therefore only ship VIVOBAREFOOT shoes to German delivery addresses.

    It is possible to have the discount applied to orders placed up to 24 hours before the start of the sale. In such a case please contact our customer service.

    Shipping and return shipments are free of charge within Germany.

    All information on payment can be found here.

    We deliver within 1-3 working days and if you order before 12 o'clock, you often receive your delivery the following day.

    Please select your desired size and click on "Inform me when available". Then enter your email address and click on the activation link in the email you receive from us shortly thereafter. As soon as the requested size is available again, you will receive an automatic notification by email.

    First of all please check if you have a typo error in your e-mail address. If everything is correct and you still haven´t gotten a confirmation after 40 minutes, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

    Please check the status of your shipment using the DHL tracking number. If the package is already on its way back to us, please contact us with your correct address. We will then send the package back to you as soon as possible.

    Our shoes are available all around Germany in our VIVOBAREFOOT Concept Stores as well as at numerous retailers. The nearest store or retailer in your area can be found here.

    You are welcome to order shoes and try them on at home. However, we ask you to test the shoes indoors only. If a shoe shows signs of wear, we unfortunately cannot take it back afterwards.

Information on the returning goods

    All the documents you need for sending back your package are included and if you do not have a return document or a prepaid package stamp, you can find them here.

    Returns are free of charge within Germany.

    You can also find a return document and a package stamp here for self-printing

    We usually need 5-7 business days to process your return, so please keep your tracking number until you have received a refund.

    Generally, you will receive a refund of the purchase price when returning an item. We therefore ask that you return the shoe that does not fit and order it again in the correct size. The benefit here to you is that it is clear whether the replacement shoe you want is available. If the price has since changed, simply contact us again after you have received the shoes, and if you would like to keep the new pair we will refund the price difference.

    Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and attach all important information about your order. For example: order number, date of purchase, type of defect and attach photos of the faulty shoe. We will check your request and contact you as soon as possible.