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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun


VIVOBAREFOOT are the official partners for ÖTILLÖ Swimrun. The Swimrun World Championship consists of a 75km race between 26 islands along the Archipelago islands in Sweden. The competitors are running and swimming over land and over sea and from one end of the islands to the other. Swimrun was born on the Archipelago islands in Sweden. Today ÖTILLÖ Swimrun consists of a series of international events, culminating in the world championship final back in Sweden, where it all began.


We consciously choose to work with ÖTILLÖ because we share the conviction that getting out of our urban habitat, and back in our natural one, is fundamental to our health. Human beings are the most successful species on earth. Not because we are the fastest runners or the best swimmers, but because we are incredible all-rounders. Whether on the dry or in the water, our adaptability allows us to thrive in our natural environment. Our feet are amazing, perfect for standing, walking and running, just as mother nature had intended millions of years ago... and that makes VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoes special: they let your feet do their natural thing.

Primus Trail Swimrun

Perfect for feet. Perfect for Swimrun.

"Put simply, the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Race is raw human locomotion, over land and sea. Making a shoe that is good for Swimrun and natural movement is about making as little shoe as possible. That's something we've been doing for a long time." Asher Clark, Design Director, VIVOBAREFOOT. In collaboration with the founders of ÖTILLÖ Swimrun we have created a shoe made specially for Swimrun events: the Primus Trail Swimrun. This shoe with the firm ground sole offers enough grip for the toughtest trails and the necessary flexibility to get back into the water. In spring the Primus Trail Swimrun will be available in our shop!

We are proud to be the international partners for ÖTILLÖ and look forward to the Swimrun World Series in 2018!

Swimrun Races 2018

Ötillö - Swimrun World Championship

Öttilö Swimrun Championship

Ötillö - Swimrun World Series 2018

Öttilö Swimrun World Series Hvar

Öttilö Swimrun World Series Utoe
Öttilö Swimrun World Series Isles of Scilly

Öttilö Swimrun World Series Engadin

Öttilö Swimrun World Series 1000 Lakes

Ötillö - Swimrun Sprint Races 2018

Öttilö Swimrun Sprint Hvar

Öttilö Swimrun Sprint Utoe
Öttilö Swimrun Sprint Isles of Scilly

Öttilö Swimrun Sprint Engadin<
Öttilö Swimrun Sprint Final 15

Öttilö Swimrun Sprint 1000 Lakes

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Öttilö Swimrun Championship

For more information about sponsoring contact Max Schmetzer +49 761 / 45 89 29 - 37 or [email protected]