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Biomechanics expert Lee Saxby is among the world's foremost running coaches and one of a handful of level four Pose Method trainers globally.


While naturally strengthening the muscles in your feet, you are also exercising calves, thighs, gluts, the lower back and abdomen, increasing your core strength.


As our posture naturally improves, we lessen impact on our knees and hips.


By increasing sensation to all 200,000 nerve endings in your feet, you enhance sensory perception and improve circulation.


Our patented, puncture resistant sole allows all the benefits of barefoot, with all the protection of normal shoes.


VIVOBAREFOOT additional features:

  • Natural leather uppers
  • Vegan options available
  • Non sweat shop production (independently monitored)
  • Recycled, sweat absorbing and antibacterial shoe liner
  • Breathable, removable and washable footbed
  • Anatomically aligned to the axis of the foot, allowing toes to move; vital for correct foot function.
  • Lightweight, flexible design promotes natural, development of all muscle groups in the foot, leading to strong, healthy feet and ankles.